First Responders (EMS, Firefighters, Law Enforcement)

First Responders (EMS, Firefighters, Law Enforcement)

There are special and complicated overtime rules for first responders.  As an initial matter, there is a strong presumption that anyone working as a First Responder (including EMS, firefighting and police) is not exempt from the right to overtime.  On the other hand, the 40-hour workweek may not apply to some fire or police employees.  Instead, under FLSA Section 7(k), work periods of up to 28 days may be set by the employer, in which the overtime requirement only applies to hours worked over 171 hours in 28 days (for police) and 212 hours (for firefighters).  Often times, employers inappropriately apply Section 7(k) to those who are ineligible – i.e., those who are not trained in or do not engage in fire suppression, or those who work for a non-profit (as opposed to governmental) fire department.  Other times, employers do not properly implement these 28 day cycles and thus improperly compute overtime pay.  Still further, some employers improperly classify their first responders as completely exempt, paying them a salary and no overtime, even when they work beyond the applicable overtime thresholds for the 28 day cycle.

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