Online Media Companies and Content Creators

Online Media Companies and Content Creators

In today’s digital marketplace, businesses of all types wish to establish strong online presences. Some media companies specialize in creating the online content for these businesses’ website to draw in clients and customers.  The media companies of course need Content Creators to create the content.  Often times, these media companies classify Content Creators as independent contractors in order to avoid minimum wage and overtime laws and pay these workers less.  Goodley McCarthy has successfully represented Content Creators in several lawsuits against digital media companies for violations of wage laws.

How can we help?

Goodley McCarthy is experienced in representing workers in unpaid wage lawsuits. Typically, we bring these cases as a class action, so you won't be fighting the company by yourself. You will have a team of lawyers representing you and your co-workers. And because we take these cases on a contingent fee basis, there's no cost to you. We don't get paid unless we get money for you and the class.

​What should I do next?

Contact us today. One of our lawyers will contact you to schedule a free 30-minute consultation so that we can get your side of the story and evaluate your rights under the applicable state and federal wage and hour laws.

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